Blood and Germs: The Civil War Battle Against Wounds and Disease

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Industrial Age

Blood and Germs: The Civil War Battle Against Woulds and Disease
Author: Jarrow, Gail
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Time Period: Industrial Age
Time Frame: 1860-1865
Geographic Area: North America
Country: United States
Topics: American Civil War, Medicine
Genre: Non Fiction
Reading Age:Upper Middle Grade
Format: Book
Published: 2020

American History > Industrial Age > American Civil War

A Kirkus Reviews Best Book An Orbis Pictus Recommended Book A CCBC Choice A Chicago Public Library Best Informational Book for Older Readers A NSTA/CBC Outstanding Science Trade Book

The science and grisly history of U.S. Civil War medicine, using actual medical cases and first-person accounts by soldiers, doctors, and nurses, is explored in this fascinating nonfiction book for young readers.

The Civil War took the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans and left countless others with disabling wounds and chronic illnesses. Bullets and artillery shells shattered soldiers' bodies, while microbes and parasites killed twice as many men as did the battles. Yet from this tragic four-year conflict came innovations that enhanced medical care in the United States. With striking detail, this book by acclaimed writer Gail Jarrow reveals battlefield rescues, surgical techniques, medicines, and patient care, and celebrates the men and women of both the North and South who volunteered to save lives.

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