Snow Treasure

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Modern Age

Snow Treasure
Author: McSwigan, Marie
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Time Period: Modern Age
Time Frame: 1940
Geographic Area: Europe
Country: Norway
Topics: WWII
Genre: Fiction
Reading Age: Middle Grade
Format: Chapter Book
Published: 2006

World History > Modern Age > WWII

In the bleak winter of 1940, Nazi troops parachuted into Peter Lundstrom's tiny Norwegian village and held it captive. Nobody thought the Nazis could be defeated--until Uncle Victor told Peter how the children could fool the enemy. It was a dangerous plan. They had to slip past Nazi guards with nine million dollars in gold hidden on their sleds. It meant risking their country's treasure--and their lives. This classic story of how a group of children outwitted the Nazis and sent the treasure to America has captivated generations of readers.

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