Genevieve's War

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Modern Age

Genevieve's War
Author: Reilly Giff, Patricia
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Time Period: Modern Age
Time Frame: 1939
Geographic Area: Europe
Country: France
Topics: WWII
Genre: Fiction
Reading Age: Middle Grade
Format: Novel
Published: 2017

American History > Modern Age > WWII

In this companion to the Newbery Honor-winning Lily's Crossing, thirteen-year-old Genevieve risks everything to defy the Nazis and join the French Resistance.

Winner of the Christopher Award!

It's not always thinking of being happy. Doing the right thing will make you happy.

Despite the farm-work and her irritable grandmother Memé, Genevieve thinks she may have found a new home in Alsace, France, where she spent the summer of 1939. Without much to return to in New York, Gen is ready to see if this new life will make her happy.

But then World War II erupts. The Nazis conquer France.

Now everyone in Alsace must speak German, act German, and think German--or else. Even worse, a cold Nazi officer has commandeered a room in Memé's farmhouse--and he can tell that Gen and her grandmother aren't loyal to the Reich.

But Gen won't be cowed. And when her friend Rémy commits an act of sabotage, she hides him in the last place the Germans will look--in the attic, right above the Nazi's head.

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