Shakespeare: His Work & His World

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Shakespeare: His Work & His World
Author: Rosen, Michael, Ingpen, Robert
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Time Period: Renaissance
Time Frame: 1558-1616
Geographic Area: Europe
Country: Great Britain
Topics: Shakespeare
Genre: Non Fiction, Biography
Reading Age: Upper Middle Grade, Young Adult
Format: Picture Book
Published: 2001

World History > Renaissance > Shakespeare

The Bard’s enduring genius is both explained and explored for young readers—a perfect companion for both students and teachers of Shakespeare.

Tongue-tied. Dull as dishwater. Without rhyme or reason. Leapfrog. Excellent. Gloomy. These words and phrases, so much a part of our daily language, were coined by William Shakespeare more than four hundred years ago. In what other ways has Shakespeare shaped and influenced our words and culture? Find out with Michael Rosen’s fascinating exploration of the enduring genius of the greatest playwright in the English language, SHAKESPEARE: HIS WORK AND HIS WORLD. Learn what theatre was like when Shakespeare created and acted in his plays. With dramatic illustrations by Robert Ingpen, the fluid text is sprinkled with Shakespearean quotations to re-create the Bard’s world of kings and queens, fairies and potions, and bloody beheadings. This sweeping account is a biography, a history, and a retelling of some of Shakespeare’s most famous plays—all in one approachable volume.

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