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Book recommendations containing titles from You Choose: An Interactive (History/Historical Era/Prehistoric/Battlefield/Modern History) Adventure Book Series.

Series Information: Everything in these book happened to real people. And YOU CHOOSE what side you’re on and what you do next. The choices you make could lead you to survival or to death. In the You Choose Books set, only YOU can CHOOSE which path you take through history. What will it be? Get ready for an adventure…

Book TitleAuthorPubDateReading AgeTime PeriodTime FrameGeographic AreaCountryTopicGenreFormat
Could You Survive the Jurassic Period?: An Interactive Prehistoric AdventureDoeden, Matt2020MGPrehistory201,000,000-145,000,000 BCEWorldVariousJurassic Period
Could You Survive the Cretaceous Period?: An Interactive Prehistoric AdventureBraun, Eric Mark2020MGPrehistory145,000,000-65,000,000 BCEWorldVariousCretaceous Period
Could You Survive the Ice Age?: An Interactive Prehistoric AdventureHoena, Blake2020MGPrehistory2,600,000-9,500 BCEWorldVariousIce AgeNFCB
Could You Survive the New Stone Age?: An Interactive Prehistoric AdventureTroupe, Thomas Kingsley2020MGPrehistory10,000-4,500 BCEWorldVariousStone AgeNFCB
Ancient China: An Interactive History AdventureCollins, Terry Lee2013MGClassical Age2100 BCE-1420 CEAsiaChinaAncient ChinaNFCB
Ancient Egypt: An Interactive History AdventureAdamson, Heather2016MGEarly Civilization305-30 BCEEuropeEgyptAncient EgyptNFCB
Life as a Gladiator: An Interactive History AdventureBurgan, Michael2010MGClassical Age264 BCE - 404 CEEuropeItalyRoman GladiatorsNFCB
The Middle Ages: An Interactive History AdventureLassieur, Allison2010MGEarly Medieval500-1500EuropeVariousMedieval LifeNFCB
Life as a Viking: An Interactive History AdventureLassieur, Allison2010MGHigh Middle Ages793-1066ScandinaviaNorwayVikingsNFCB
The Aztec Empire: An Interactive History AdventureRaum, Elizabeth2012MGHigh Middle Ages1350-1521North AmericaMexicoAztecsNFCB
Exploring the New World: An Interactive History AdventureHerr, Melody2011MGRenaissance1492-1682North AmericaUnited StatesExplorersNFCB
Colonial America: An Interactive History AdventureLassieur, Allison2011MGEnlightenment1607-1775North AmericaUnited StatesColonial AmericaNFCB
The Golden Age of Pirates: An Interactive History AdventureTemple, Bob2016MGEnlightenment1650–1730Atlantic OceanUnited StatesPiratesNFCB
The Salem Witch Trials: An Interactive History AdventureDoeden, Matt2011MGEnlightenment1692North AmericaUnited StatesWitch TrialsNFCB
The Boston Massacre: An Interactive History AdventureRaum, Elizabeth2016MGAge of Revolutions1770North AmericaUnited StatesAmerican RevolutionNFCB
The Revolutionary War: An Interactive History AdventureRaum, Elizabeth2016MGAge of Revolutions1775-1783North AmericaUnited StatesAmerican RevolutionNFCB
The Battle of Bunker Hill: An Interactive History AdventureBurgan, Michael2016MGAge of Revolutions1775North AmericaUnited StatesAmerican RevolutionNFCB
The Child Labor Reform Movement: An Interactive History AdventureOtfinoski, Steven2014MGAge of Revolutions1799–1941North AmericaUnited StatesChild LaborNFCB
Westward Expansion: An Interactive History AdventureLassieur, Allison2016MGAge of Revolutions1803-1840North AmericaUnited StatesWestward ExpansionNFCB
The Oregon Trail: An Interactive History AdventureDoeden, Matt2013MGAge of Revolutions1811-1840North AmericaUnited StatesOregon Trail
Westward Expansion
The Battle of the Alamo: An Interactive History AdventureLeavitt, Amie Jane2016MGAge of Revolutions1836North AmericaUnited StatesTexas RevolutionNFCB
The California Gold Rush: An Interactive History AdventureRaum, Elizabeth2016MGIndustrial Age1848–1855North AmericaUnited StatesWestward Expansion
California Gold Rush
Orphan Trains: An Interactive History AdventureRaum, Elizabeth2011MGIndustrial Age1854–1929North AmericaUnited StatesWestward Expansion
Orphan Trains
Ellis Island: An Interactive History AdventureBurgan, Michael2014MGIndustrial Age1892-1954North AmericaUnited StatesImmigrationNFCB
The Titanic: An Interactive History AdventureTemple, Bob2008MGModern Age1912Atlantic OceanGreat BritainTitanicNFCB
At Battle in World War I: An Interactive Battlefield AdventureLassieur, Allison2015MGModern Age1914-1918WorldVariousWWINFCB
The Sinking of the Lusitania: An Interactive History AdventureOtfinoski, Steven2014MGModern Age1915Atlantic OceanUnited StatesLusitaniaNFCB
The Harlem Renaissance: An Interactive History AdventureLassieur, Allison2013MGModern Age1918-1935North AmericaUnited StatesHarlem RenaissanceNFCB
The Dust Bowl: An Interactive History AdventureLassieur, Allison2016MGModern Age1930–1936North AmericaUnited StatesGreat Depression
Dust Bowl
Could You Escape Alcatraz?: An Interactive Survival AdventureBraun, Eric Mark2019MGModern Age1934-1963North AmericaUnited StatesAlcatrazNFCB
World War II Infantrymen: An Interactive History AdventureOtfinoski, Steven2013MGModern Age1939-1945WorldVariousWWIINFCB
World War II Spies: An Interactive History AdventureBurgan, Michael2013MGModern Age1939-1945WorldVariousWWIINFCB
World War II Naval Forces: An Interactive History AdventureRaum, Elizabeth2013MGModern Age1939-1945WorldVariousWWIINFCB
World War II Pilots: An Interactive History AdventureBurgan, Michael2013MGModern Age1939-1945WorldVariousWWIINFCB
The Attack on Pearl Harbor: An Interactive History AdventureLassieur, Allison2016MGModern Age1941United StatesUnited States
Pearl Harbor
The Korean War: An Interactive Modern History AdventureBurgan, Michael2014MGModern Age1950-1953AsiaNorth Korea
South Korea
Korean WarNFCB
The Civil Rights Movement: An Interactive History AdventureAdamson, Heather2016MGModern Age1954–1968North AmericaUnited StatesCivil RightsNFCB
The Vietnam War: An Interactive Modern History AdventureBurgan, Michael2014MGModern Age1955-1975AsiaVietnamVietnam WarNFCB
The Race to the Moon: An Interactive History AdventureLassieur, Allison2014MGModern Age1957–1966North AmericaUnited States
Soviet Union
Space Race
The Berlin Wall: An Interactive Modern History AdventureDoeden, Matt2014MGModern Age1961-1989EuropeGermanyBerlin WallNFCB
The Voting Rights Act of 1965: An Interactive History AdventureBurgan, Michael2015MGModern Age1965North AmericaUnited StatesVoting
Civil Rights
War in Afghanistan: An Interactive Modern History AdventureHoena, Blake2014MGModern Age2001-2014Middle EastAfghanistan
United States
War in AfghanistanNFCB
Hurricane Katrina: An Interactive Modern History AdventureHoena, Blake2014MGModern Age2005North AmericaUnited StatesHurricanes
Natural Disasters

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List of abbreviations:
Reading Age Genre Format
LE = lower elementary
MG = middle grade (8-12 yrs.)
UMG = upper-middle grade (11-14 yrs.)
YA = young adult (14+)
A = adult (18+)
NF - non fiction
F = fiction
Bio = biography
HF = historical fantasy
AH = alternate history
OV - own voices
M = mythology
S = spine book
PB = picture book
GN = graphic novel
ER = early reader
CB = chapter book
B = book (NF)
N = novel
M = memoir