The Dust Bowl: An Interactive History Adventure

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Modern Age

The Dust Bowl: An Interactive History Adventure (You Choose: History)
Author: Lassieur, Allison
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Time Period: Modern Age
Time Frame: 1930–1936
Geographic Area: North America
Country: United States
Topics: Great Depression, Dust Bowl
Genre: Non Fiction
Reading Age: Middle Grade
Format: Chapter Book
Published: 2016

American History > Modern Age > Great Depression

It is the 1930s, and the United States is reeling from the effects of the Great Depression. In the southern Great Plains, a combination of bad farming practices and drought has caused the rich farmland to dry up and blow away. People call this devastated area the Dust Bowl. Will you: Stay on your Dust Bowl farm and try to survive? OR Leave the farm to try your luck elsewhere? OR Document the horrors of the Dust Bowl as a government photographer?

Everything in this book happened to real people. And YOU CHOOSE what you do next. The choices you make could lead you to opportunity, to wealth, to poverty, or even to death.

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