A Boy Called Slow

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Age of Revolutions

A Boy Called Slow
Author: Bruchac, Joseph
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Time Period: Age of Revolutions
Time Frame: 1831
Geographic Area: North America
Country: United States
Topics: Sitting Bull, Indigenous Americans
Genre: Non Fiction
Reading Age: Lower Elementary, Middle Grade
Format: Picture Book
Published: 1998

American History > Age of Revolutions > Indigenous American History

The True Story of Sitting Bull from multi-award-winning author Joseph Bruchac.

Anxious to be given a name as strong and brave as that of his father, a proud Lakota Sioux grows into manhood, acting with careful deliberation, determination, and bravery, which eventually earned him his proud new name: Sitting Bull.

An ALA Notable Book

"Being named Slow and growing up in the shadow of a great warrior hardly dwarfed the prospects of this protagonist: he grew up to be Sitting Bull. Bruchac's sensitively told story of Sitting Bull's coming-of-age reassures young boys that success comes through effort, not birth." —Booklist

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