Tiger, Tiger

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Classical Age

Tiger, Tiger
Author: Reid Banks, Lynne
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Time Period: Classical Age
Time Frame: 3
Geographic Area: Europe
Country: Italy (Ancient Rome)
Topics: Julius Caesar
Genre: Fiction
Reading Age: Upper Middle Grade, Young Adult
Format: Chapter Book
Published: 1956

Content Warning

World History > Classical Age > Ancient Rome

Two tiger cub brothers are town from the jungle and taken to Rome. The stronger cub is trained as a killer at the Coliseum. Emperor Caesar makes a gift of the smaller cub to his beautiful daughter, Aurelia. She adores her cub, Boots, and Julius, a young animal keeper, teaches her how to earn the tiger's trust. Boots is pampered while his brother, known as Brute, lives in a cold and dark cage, let out only to kill. Caesar trusts Julius to watch Aurelia and her prized pet. But when a prank backfires, Boots temporarily escapes and Julius must pay with his life. Thousands watch as Julius is sent unarmed into the arena to face the killer Brute.

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