Paul Revere's Ride

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Age of Revolutions

Paul Revere's Ride
Author: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
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Time Period: Age of Revolutions
Time Frame: 1775
Geographic Area: Europe, North America
Country: United States
Topics: Paul Revere
Genre: Fiction, Biography
Reading Age: Lower Elementary, Middle Grade
Format: Picture Book
Published: 1996

American History > Age of Revolutions > American Revolution

Longfellow's tribute to the famous revolutionary hero begins with the stirring cadence that American schoolchildren have committed to memory for over a century. Now illustrator Ted Rand brings these vivid and beautiful lines to life as dramatically as the poet's immortal message inspires."The clatter of hooves seems to echo in Rand's evocative paintings of that famed midnight ride...." --Kirkus reviews

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