Fossils From Lost Worlds

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Fossils From lost Worlds
Author: Laverdunt, Damien
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Time Period: Prehistory
Time Frame: 4,500,000,000 BCE
Geographic Area: Earth
Country: Various
Topics: Evolution
Genre: Non Fiction
Reading Age: Middle Grade
Format: Picture Book
Published: 2021

World History > Prehistory

Walk in the footsteps of the first fossil researchers to discover the earliest animal life on Earth. Explore the story of a spiny sea worm without tail or head, a walking fish, a peaceful sea dragon, and many other incredible creatures.

Told through comics, illustrations, and data, Fossils from Lost Worlds is also a fascinating insight into paleontology itself. It shows how science is a process of thinking and rethinking, questioning and learning. Through a timeline of animal reconstructions and major discoveries, we can track beliefs and theories that have brought our knowledge to where i is today.

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