Explore Ancient Greece!

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Classical Age

Explore Ancient Greece!
25 Great Projects, Activities, Experiments

Author: Van Vleet, Carmella
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Time Period: Classical Age
Time Frame: 800–150 BCE
Geographic Area: Europe
Country: Ancient Greece
Topics: Ancient Greece
Genre: Non Fiction
Reading Age: Lower Elementary, Middle Grade
Format: Picture Book
Published: 2008

World History > Classical Age > Ancient Greece

Investigate the fascinating civilization of ancient Greece through 25 hands-on projects and activities for young readers ages 6-9. Kids learn about ancient Greek homes, food, playtime, clothing, conquests, arts and entertainment, gods, and more. Activities range from fashioning a model oil lamp from clay to building a courtyard column and constructing a flipbook sailing ship. By combining a hands-on element with riddles, jokes, fun facts, and comic cartoons, kids Explore Ancient Greece! and develop an understanding of how this ancient civilization still influences our modern world.

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