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High Middle Ages

Castle Diary: The Journal of Tobias Burgess
Author: Platt, Richard
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Time Period: High Middle Ages
Time Frame: 1285
Geographic Area: Europe
Country: Great Britain
Topics: Medieval Life, Castles
Genre: Fiction
Reading Age: Middle Grade
Format: Chapter Book
Published: 1999

World History > High Middle Ages

What was it really like to live in a castle? Step back to the Middle Ages with Castle Diary: the Journal of Tobias Burgess. Eleven-year-old Toby’s vivid diary entries offer an insider’s view of day-to-day castle life, including tips on etiquette (where do you spit at a feast?) and exciting descriptions of hunting, jousting, and harvesting. Complete with glossary, index, and detailed endnotes, this is a rich look at medieval life that informs as much as it entertains.

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