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Classical Age

Caesar (Masters of Rome)
Author: McCullough, Colleen
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Time Period: Classical Age
Time Frame: 54–48 BCE
Geographic Area: Europe
Country: Italy (Ancient Rome)
Topics: Roman Republic, Roman Emperors
Genre: Fiction
Reading Age: Adult
Format: Novel
Published: 1998

Masters of Rome series
1) The First Man in Rome
2) The Grass Crown
3) Fortune's Favorites
4) Caesar's Women
5) Caesar
6) The October Horse
7) Antony and Cleopatra

World History > Classical Age > Ancient Rome

Rome's leaders are frightened: the brilliant, ruthless Gaius Julius Caesar must be crushed before he can overthrow the government and become dictator. This magnificent novel opens in Gaul, scene of Caesar's magnificent victory over fierce people. His conquest is in the name of Rome, but when the senate refuse to give Caesar his due he marches upon his own country, an army prepared to die for him at his back.

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