Beyond Bullets: A Photo Journal of Afghanistan

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Modern Age

Beyond Bullets: A Photo Journal of Afghanistan
Author: Gerszak, Rafal
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Time Period: Modern Age
Time Frame: 2008-2010
Geographic Area: Middle East
Country: Afghanistan, United States
Topics: War in Afghanistan
Genre: Non Fiction
Reading Age: Middle Grade
Format: Picture Book
Published: 2011

World History > Modern Age > American History

Award-winning photographer Rafal Gerszak spent a year embedded with the American military in Afghanistan, where he used his camera to document everyday life in the war-torn country. While there, he developed a deep affection for the land and its people, and he later returned on his own. Despite the dangers around him, he continued taking photos, exposing the plight of that besieged country. Framed by journal entries that relate his experiences on two levels—as a foreigner looking for a deeper connection to a country that has stirred him, and as a journalist looking for another side to the story—Beyond Bullets addresses the volatile situation in Afghanistan with sensitivity and profound insight.

Through Gerszak’s lens, readers can see the shattered aftermath of military attacks and dismal hospitals and refugee camps, but they can also experience the vibrant activity of life in the markets, at home and on the Muslim day of rest. Featuring more than 40 of Gerszak’s photographs and at once harrowing and heartrending, Beyond Bullets is as illuminating as it is riveting.

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