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Ancient India is the period lasting from around 1500 BCE through to 500 BCE; that is, from the early days of the Aryan migrations through to the age of the Buddha. The tribal society of the early Aryans gave way to the more complex society of the Classic Age of Ancient India.

Book recommendations pertaining to Ancient India.

Book TitleAuthorPubDateReading AgeTime PeriodTime FrameGeographic AreaCountryTopicGenreFormat
The Palace of IllusionsDivakaruni, Chitra Banerjee2008YA
Early Civilization6000-5000 BCEAsiaIndiaHindu MythologyM
The Elephant's Friend and Other Tales from Ancient IndiaWilliams, Marcia2014LE
Early Civilization6000-5000 BCEAsiaIndiaHindu MythologyM

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List of abbreviations:
Reading Age Genre Format
LE = lower elementary
MG = middle grade (8-12 yrs.)
UMG = upper-middle grade (11-14 yrs.)
YA = young adult (14+)
A = adult (18+)
NF - non fiction
F = fiction
Bio = biography
HF = historical fantasy
AH = alternate history
OV - own voices
M = mythology
S = spine book
PB = picture book
GN = graphic novel
ER = early reader
CB = chapter book
B = book (NF)
N = novel
M = memoir