90 Miles to Havana

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Modern Age

90 Miles to Havana
Author: Flores-Galbis, Enrique
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Time Period: Modern Age
Time Frame: 1960-1969
Geographic Area: Carribean, North America
Country: Cuba, United States
Topics: Immigration
Genre: Fiction
Reading Age: Upper Middle Grade
Format: Chapter Book
Published: 2011

World History > Modern Age > Cuba

90 Miles to Havana is a 2011 Pura Belpré Honor Book for Narrative and a 2011 Bank Street Best Children's Book of the Year.

When Julian's parents make the heartbreaking decision to send him and his two brothers away from Cuba to Miami via the Pedro Pan operation, the boys are thrust into a new world where bullies run rampant and it's not always clear how best to protect themselves.

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