1066 The Year of the Conquest

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High Middle Ages

1066 The Year of the Conquest
Author: Howarth, David
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Time Period: High Middle Ages
Time Frame: 1066
Geographic Area: Europe
Country: Great Britain
Topics: Norman Invasion
Genre: Non Fiction
Reading Age: Young Adult, Adult
Format: Book
Published: 1977

World History > High Middle Ages > Norman Invasion

The year 1066 is one of the most important dates in the history of the Western world: the year William the Conqueror defeated the English at the Battle of Hastings and changed England and the English forever.

The events leading to-and following-this turning point in history are shrouded in mystery. Distorted by the biased accounts written by a subjugated people, many believe it was the English who ultimately won the battle, since the Normans became assimilated into the English way of life.

Drawing on a wealth of contemporary sources, David Howarth gives us memorable portraits of the kings: Edward the Confessor, Harold of England, William of Normandy, as well as the leading political figures of the time. Howarth describes the English commoners: how they worked, fought, died, and how they perceived the overthrow of their world from their isolated shires.

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