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Getting Started

History Book By Book contains BOOKS and BOOKLISTS.

The category books is the master list of every title we have suggested on this website, sorted alphabetically by title. This is probably not where you want to go.

The category booklists, contains the master list of all of out topic-based booklists. This has all of the subset lists of books, categorized by time period or topic, to give you a targeted place to start your historical searches. Go here first!


The main top most level booklists are American History and World History, but feel free to jump to any applicable booklist you find listed.

All of the booklists are sorted chronologically under the Time Frame heading, by default. You can re-sort any booklist chart by clicking the up or down arrows in the heading row.

Below is a sample booklist:

Book TitleAuthorPubDateReading AgeTime PeriodTime FrameGeographic AreaCountryTopicGenreFormat
QuiverSpinner, Stephanie2002UMG
Classical Age900-800 BCEEuropeGreeceGreek MythologyM
Copper SunDraper, Sharon M.2006YAAge of Revolutions1738North AmericaUnited StatesColonial America
Atlantic Slave Trade
Stella by StarlightDraper, Sharon M.2015UMGModern Age1932North AmericaUnited StatesGreat Depression

Booklist Abbreviations

The Reading Age, Genre and Format contain the following:

List of abbreviations:
Reading Age Genre Format
LE = lower elementary
MG = middle grade (8-12 yrs.)
UMG = upper-middle grade (11-14 yrs.)
YA = young adult (14+)
A = adult (18+)
NF - non fiction
F = fiction
Bio = biography
HF = historical fantasy
AH = alternate history
OV - own voices
M = mythology
S = spine book
PB = picture book
GN = graphic novel
ER = early reader
CB = chapter book
B = book (NF)
N = novel
M = memoir

Book Pages

Advanced Specific Searches

You can do various searches by the particular value assigned to the books contained on the HBBB database. Clicking on the below links will take you to the page that will search for particular authors, countries or other characteristics of the books.

For example:
Search By Author

By default, a blank value will start to display all authors contained in the database. If you enter the author's name into the value box (Last, First), and hit "Find Results", it will make your selection bold in the list. You can then click on that title to go to the page with the details of the book.

The following "properties" are valid search criteria:
Author | Time Period | Time Frame | Geographic Area | Country | Topic | Genre | Reading Age | Format | Published | History

You can either click each of the above links, or switch between them by typing it in the "Property" box on any "Search by Property" page. If you click a link above, and the particular thing you wanted is displayed, you can simple click the magnifying glass icon to take you to the search results. If not, you can type it in the "Value" box.